Relax | Laugh | Think | Feel


ElFilm Productions is a small independent film production company with a huge passion and heart for creating good work. The company was founded in honor of my mother, Elfi, who had an incredible and adventurous spirit. My mom endured many tragedies in life, but she always had a great sense of curiosity about other people and their lives. People who had met her only once, were forever impacted by her boldness and joy in life. And so my goal, is to share a bit of what Mom taught me.

Movies help you relax, laugh, think, and feel, and ElFilm Productions is making movies that do just that. Whether it’s a redemptive family story, a thriller, a comedy, or even a stylistic horror flick, ElFilm is doing it with passion and excellence, to entertain and please the audience. The best stories will make you think, feel and ask questions, and then they stick around for a while.

There are several projects in the pipeline at different stages of development which are primarily geared toward strong female roles, family values and the reality of life. 

Real life, real people, reel entertainment

Mom, thank you. Where would I be without you?