Film Synopsis


A hot tip on the deadly drug Fentanyl that’s burning through the streets of Atlanta, catapults burned-out reporter Brian Sanderson into the dim, dank underbelly of Atlanta.  Estranged from his family, and in the midst of his investigation, Brian learns of his son’s murder. 

As he searches for answers and the son he never knew, questions tear at the fabric of his life, revealing a story of soul-shaking proportions.   From the elite power personalities, to the forgotten street people, Brian is led deeper and deeper into a story that will shake the city to its core.

Ultimately, Brian makes a decision with eternal consequences as he comes face to face with two men he never knew: himself, and the man who was his child.   

About The Film


Modern Prodigal, written and directed by Jack Savage, is the first feature length film produced by Francine Locke and ElFilm Productions.  Prior to this collaboration, both Savage and Locke have won multiple awards for their previous short films.

Modern Prodigal as a family film, is gritty and real as we follow one man, his weaknesses, poor choices, and the widespread impact they have, not only on his life, but on everyone he cares about. But at the end of the day, and in the depths of despair when all you see are dead ends, there is still the possibility of forgiveness and great power in redemption.

This is a timely film with the continuing rise of instability in families, and with the devastating affects of Fentanyl deaths in the US. There were over 72,000 drug related deaths in the US in 2018, and more deaths are attributed to Fentanyl, than traffic accidents, guns and suicides. This film sheds a light on an authentic and real problem laying in the shadows.